Eddie Lee
Here at Jenny Wren Studios, we believe in being versatile and giving far more than we take. As well as recording, we also offer the following services:


Sound Engineering

Transferring Vinyl or Cassette Tapes onto CD
Eddie has over 40 years experience in the music business and has acquired a keen ear for sound, knowing what works and what doesn’t. He now lends that valuable experience and provides sound engineering for local stage productions and other music events.

So if you’re looking for someone whom you know you can trust to take care of your sound for either a drama production or music event, then look no further than Eddie.
Sound Engineering
Sound engineering mixing desk
Have you got some old pictures that you would like touched up or enhanced? Then we can take care of that for you

We also have excellent stock pictures that are suitable for any project. Use the Contact Eddie form (the orange box) at the side to enquire about our stock images. A new site will be up and running soon showcasing these wonderful pictures.  
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Image Enhancements
Transferring Vinyl or Cassettes Tapes to CD.
This is probably a familiar scenario to some people: you have a stack of cassette tapes beside a radio that no longer plays them and/or a tower of records stashed in a corner in your store room gathering dust and you don’t know what to do with them. As one knows, record players are no longer in fashion, or no longer being made and playing all those old tunes on vinyls is no longer an option…but that’s where Jenny Wren Studios comes in.  

We understand the importance or sentimental value some records have with their owners and that’s why we’re offering a service to transfer all the songs on both cassette tapes and vinyls onto CDs, giving those old tunes a better quality of sound.

So don’t let them be dust collectors any longer. Let Jenny Wren Studios work its magic and allow us to transfer those classics onto CD so they can grace your ears once more.
cassette tapes
Jenny Wren Studio Header
Welcome to Jenny Wren Studio. Here we take pride in our recordings, working and meeting new artists who are just as passion about music as we are and who value great sound. Eddie has worked with many artists throughout the years such as: Big Tom, Margo O' Donnell, Daniel O' Donnell, Philomena Begley to name just a few. Eddie, along with his songwriting partner, Tommy James, has also written songs for some of the aforementioned artists also, recording some fantastic demos at Jenny Wren Studio.

So if you'd like to record an album or single, please feel free to get in touch with Eddie to book a session of click on the "Book a Session" button at the side.

We also record radio plays too. For more information, click on "Book a Session" button. Thank you.
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Call Eddie on: 087 6885598 / email: eddieleeband13@gmail.com
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